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Roparun 2021 statistics

105 Teams
17 Causes
€2.030.030,00 Roparun 2021 proceeds

Enter Roparun 2021!

Roparun is the worlds longest relay race, a great challenge with an even better cause: palliative care for people with cancer. Read more about our cause here.

The entry fee is €3130 per team and €1965 for the Half Roparun. This money is used to organise the event for all participants, think location, sanitary solutions, traffic, permits, security and lots more. Every team also has a mandatory 1000 lottery tickets (€2500) they must sell, this money is 100% for the cause of Roparun. Every team is free to organise fundraising events, collections, auctions etc. to raise more money for the cause!

This animation shows a little more about what it’s like to be in a Roparunteam! 

Right now the organisation is fully focussed on making sure the event can take place in the way we’re used to it taking place. But with all the COVID-19 precautions in place right now, there’s a definite chance the event may not be able to take place in that form. That’s why the organisation is also working on back up plans to make sure there will be an event we can all enjoy in 2021!

Looking for more information about participating in the Roparun? Check out our Participant information.

Signing up is only possible as a team. Are you looking for a team or teammembers? Check out our Supply & Demand page here.

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