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Roparun 2021 statistics

105 Teams
17 Causes
€2.030.030,00 Roparun 2021 proceeds


There are over 500 volunteers who work for the foundation around the country. Fifty of them are busy all year organising the event; the other volunteers are called upon mainly during the event.
The Roparun organisation is built up of a number of divisions. Each division is managed by a board member, a project leader and project coordinators. The divisions are:


Division Tasks
Starting locations Setup and disassembly, catering, security and coordination at the starting area in Paris, Bremen or Almelo.
Support locations Setup and disassembly, catering and coordination at the support locations in France or Germany.
Rotterdam finish location Setup and disassembly, catering, bicycle parking, security and coordination at the finish area in Rotterdam.
Route Entire route, checkpoints, traffic team, emergency team, motor team and the General Coordination Team.
Logistics Transportation of goods and vehicles.
Communications Website, radio, photo and video, press briefing and the promotional team.

Being involved in the Roparun as a volunteer means fun, new experiences and social contacts. The organisation provides food, a place to sleep and Roparun garments for the volunteers during the Roparun. Interested? Feel free to use the forms below to sign up as a Roparun volunteer! Questions? Feel free to email the volunteer Coordinator, Marianne Varekamp at vrijwilliger@roparun.nl.

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