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Roparun 2021 statistics

105 Teams
17 Causes
€2.030.030,00 Roparun 2021 proceeds

The worthy cause

The money collected during the Roparun is allocated by the Palliative Care board to institutions, causes or projects that contribute to the Roparun mission:

‘Adding life to days, when days often can’t be added to life’.

The money collected during the Roparun event is allocated to institutions, causes or projects that fulfill the Roparun motto. This can include equipping a walk-in centre where (ex-)cancer patients and/or relatives can meet. Holidays for people with cancer and their families so that they can create a beautiful memory, even in an unpleasant period. Workshops in hospitals where people with cancer learn to deal with changes in appearance arising from the treatments. A nice day out for sick children and their brothers or sisters, so that they don’t have to think about being ill for a while. The development of ‘palliative boxes’, a resource for people in a terminal phase who would like to stay in their own home environment. Or equipping a hospice to ensure that people can stay in a pleasant environment during their final phase of life. For more information about Roparun’s causes see Causes.

CBF Hallmark

On 1 August 2006 the Roparun Foundation was granted the CBF Hallmark. This means a donor can be assured that we use a donation responsibly. For financial information on the CBF see the Accountability section. For more information about the CBF: www.cbf.nl


The Roparun is also registered with the tax authority as a Public Benefit Institution (ANBI). Roparun donations are thus tax-deductible. For more information see www.belastingdienst.nl/giften.

Code of conduct

Roparun Foundation observes the following code of conduct.

A donor can trust that:

  • complete, correct and accessible information on the purpose of fundraising is provided
  • respect for donor and beneficiary is shown in fundraising
  • we strive for maximum quality in all the activities carried out
  • the greatest possible share of the resources received is devoted to the cause
  • there is full, honest and understandable accountability on devoting the resources and activities to achieving the objective.

A beneficiary can trust that:

  • dealings will be conducted with respect
  • we strive for maximum quality in the activities to achieve the objective

A volunteer can trust that:

  • generally-accepted rules and standards of good commissioning are observed, insofar as they are applicable to their activities
  • proper conditions are created for their activities
  • they are appropriately valued for their efforts

Other institutions can trust that:

  • mutual respect is shown
  • there is willingness to consult on common interests
  • we strive for coordination and collaboration in fundraising, management and expenditure
  • no negative statements are made about each other in public
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