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Roparun 2021 statistics

105 Teams
17 Causes
€2.030.030,00 Roparun 2021 proceeds

The organisation

The board of the Roparun foundation is working on connecting and supporting within the palliative care for people with cancer. Below you can find the way all the Roparun Foundation parts are set up:

Roparun Foundation Board

Auke de Boer Chair
Michel Molier Treasurer
Anne-Marike van Arkel Secretary
Marja Berends General Board Member
Vacant General Board Member

SBF-Code Goed Bestuur

The Roparun Foundation subscribes to the SBF Code of Good Management. The SBF Code of Good Management embodies the ambition of the Samenwerkende Brancheorganisaties Filantropie (SBF, Associated Philanthropic Branch Organisations) to create a new, uniform standard for good management in philanthropic institutions. Read more here.

Supervisory Board

Monique Kempff chair
Mark van der Waart Treasurer
Karin van der Rijt General Board Member

Advisory Board

Yvonne de Boer Chair Stichting Haarwensen “From the first moment I came in contact with Roparun, I’ve been touched by the warmth and the togetherness that so many people can have together”
Carin Uyl-de Groot Professor Erasmus University Rotterdam “The Roparun Foundation sees the person behind the patient”read more..
Sander de Hosson Pulmonologist ‚ÄúRoparun helps raise the quality of palliative care throughout the Netherlands and everyone that has an incurable disease deserves that. That is the reason I support what they do and help where I can.”
Bernardina Wanrooij Former general Physician and specialist Palliative care “There’s still a big group that doesn’t understand the meaning of palliative care. That’s why projects that help palliative care and the patients that need it are so important to me.” Read more..

Ropament Ltd.

The Roparun Foundation is full shareholder of Roparun ltd. (the organisation running the Roparun event). Ropament ltd. does not have profit motive and wants to raise as much money as possible for the Roparun Foundation. Ropament ltd. consists off the following parties.

Supervisory Board

Rob Langezaal Chair

Managing Director

Wiljan Vloet Managing Director

Roparun office

All the activities for Roparun are being coordinated from the office in Schiedam. The remuneration policy used is a specificly created regulation.

Karin Oele Manager business operations
Jolanda van der Velde Projectaanvragen en administratie
Jitske Versteeg-Keegel Manager communications
Max van de Ven Communications
Francisca Olsthoorn General affairs
Marianne Varekamp Volunteer Coordinator

Portfolio Holders

To make the Roparun event possible we have over 500 volunteers. These volunteers are organised by portfolio, guided by a portfolio holder (also volunteers).

Richard Lammeree Start & Support locations France
Gerard Bakx Route and Safety
Judith Somers Finish Rotterdam
Jitske Versteeg-Keegel Communications
Ronald Jellema Start & Support locations Germany
Hugo van Hees Logistics

Volunteer Council

Pauline van Drumpt Chair
Jan Bol Secretary
Margaretha Elbers General member
Irma Nijsen General member
Hans Smit General member
Kitty Maas General member
Pauline van Drumpt General Member


The Roparun ambassadors support Roparun in different ways. They use their platforms to create attention for Roparun and join in on the activities when possible. They create a new way for Roparun to get more awareness throughout the Netherlands!

Nelli Cooman 

Maartje Krekelaar

Bram Som

Bas Nijhuis

Marten de Roon

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