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Roparun 2021 statistics

105 Teams
17 Causes
€2.030.030,00 Roparun 2021 proceeds


All sorts of enjoyable and entertaining arrival festivities are organised by volunteer committees along the Roparun route. For the participants these arrival festivities are a welcome boost during the hundreds of kilometres that they must cover. To acknowledge the arrival festivities the participants vote on the best arrival activity for the ‘Roparunner City of the Year’ prize. The winning municipality receives 45.000 euros to devote to a cause that falls within the Roparun objective; second place receives 22.500 euros and third place, 12.500 euros. We also have an Incentive award, given to the arrival showing great promise, 7.500 euros.

The Roparun foundation supports all local volunteer committees, which is why we’re organising special volunteer commitee assemblies anually. During these assemblies we want to exchange tips and tricks, talk about changes and updates and more.

Sign up

To sign up as an official Roparun arrival, or if you have any questions regarding, you can send an email to Marianne Varekamp (Volunteer Coordinator) at m.varekamp@roparun.nl.

Announcement Roparunner city of the year 2019

Route ZuidRoute Noord

Roparun has announced that the upcoming edition will take place in the Netherlands. Roparun NL will have one startlocation in Landgraaf. From there the teams will take one of two routes, a North and South variation, to the communal finish in Rotterdam. Naturally all the safety precautions are being taken, to ensure a safe return.

It’s possible because of this one-off edition that some of the events rules and regulations will be altered. Teams will be informed through newsletters and meetings.

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