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Roparun 2021 statistics

105 Teams
17 Causes
€2.030.030,00 Roparun 2021 proceeds

Causes supported

In years past the Roparun Foundation has been able to support many causes. The distribution of causes is shown via Google Maps. You can view this here.

In Roparun year 2018 the following causes, among others, can count on support:

Announced on 11 October 2017:

KonneKt Play
• Contribution of 38,000 euros for 241 KonneKt games

Zeeland Palliative Care Network
• Contribution of 7,500 euros for 200 Practical Palliative Boxes

Samen Varen Foundation
• Contribution of 40,000 euros for the 2018 cruise week

De Casembroot Hospice
• Contribution of 7,000 euros to equip the new kitchen

Cancer Care Centre Foundation
• Contribution of 22,000 euros to equip a new branch of Cancer Care Centre

IJssel-Vecht region Palliative Care Network
• Contribution of 12,600 euros for 42 care boxes for relatives

WensenAmbulance (Ambulance Wish) Amsterdam and vicinity
• Contribution of 116,000 euros for an ambulance for fulfilling last wishes

AYA National Foundation
• Contribution of 3,000 euros for the ‘AYA Crazy88 Weekend’

Toon Hermans Salon Barneveld
• Contribution of 2,000 euros for workshop materials

Oost Achterhoek and Oost Veluwe Palliative Care Network
• Contribution of 3,000 euros for catering and PR for the Palliative Care Transmural Care Path Kickoff

Adamas Walk-in Centre
• Contribution of 1,875 euros for materials for an information packet

CODA vzw
• Contribution of 355,000 euros for equipping the day centre and walk-in centre


Announced on 21 September 2017:

Oppepper4all Wish Foundation
• Contribution of 1,550 euros for 13 wishes of cancer patients

Treant Zorggroep (Care Group) Mammacentrum
• Contribution of 2,250 euros for 500 heart pillows

Emma Kinderziekenhuis (Children’s Hospital) AMC
• Contribution of 1,300 euros for the national symposium on palliative care for children

Radboud UMC Haematology Department
• Contribution of 4,000 euros for rental and catering during four survivor meetings

• Contribution of 5,000 euros for 185 caps

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Psychosociale Oncologie (Dutch Association for Psychosocial Oncology)
• Contribution of 1,800 euros for photography and costs for NVPO showcase


Announced on 14 September 2017:

IJsselThuis Hospice
• Contribution of 123,000 euros for equipping IJsselThuis Hospice

Leuven University Hospital/Gasthuisberg Campus
• Contribution of 5,000 euros for four peer meetings

De Regenboog Hospice
• Contribution of 2,650 euros for 70 palliative boxes

Topsport Foundation
• Contribution of 2,400 euros for excursions and activities during the Autumn Camp

Veen en Wolden Hospice
• Contribution of 20,000 euros for equipping the guest rooms

OLVG, East location
• Contribution of 500 euros for catering and recipe booklets at the ‘Boxing against breast cancer’ event

Voor Jou Foundation
• Contribution of 3,300 euros for weekend break for people with cancer

VU Medical Centre
• Contribution of 3,000 euros for ‘De Proeverij’

• Contribution of 600 euros for 2x catering during symposium ‘Kanker en dan… naar wie verwijs jij?’ (Cancer, so what… who are you referring to?)

Haaglanden Walk-in Centre
• Contribution of 600 euros for the project virtual reality and breaking down barriers

Jeroen Bosch Hospital
• Contribution of 2,000 euros for five Look Good Feel Better workshops

Deventer Hospital
• Contribution of 800 euros for Look Good Feel Better workshops

Les Toiles Enchantées Association
• Contribution of 60,000 euros for film showings for children with cancer in hospitals along the Roparun route

Colours Foundation
• Contribution of 5,000 euros for rainbow packages

Poppy’s Walk-in Centre Foundation Oosterhout
• Contribution of 16,000 euros for equipping and refurbishing the new walk-in centre

Groeninge University Hospital/Ten Oever Palliative unit
• Contribution of 84,000 euros for ten beds and anti-decubitus mattresses

VPTZ Nederland
• Contribution of 62,250 euros for enhancing the place and standing of informal palliative terminal care


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