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Roparun 2021 statistics

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Cause highlighted

Roparun cause is highlighted.

Causes are supported throughout the year from the proceeds of the Roparun. Every quarter a Roparun cause is highlighted.

One of the worthy causes that receives a contribution from Roparun is the Samen Varen Foundation. This is a national organisation that originated from a personal experience; founder Ada Laarakker met a woman with breast cancer who also had very serious financial problems. Her life seemed hopeless, but a week’s cruise brought her light in the darkness again. This led to the idea of organising a week’s cruise and pampering for other women with breast cancer, who are in a worrying financial situation.

Read the whole story in the latest edition of our magazine Ropareader 04/2017

Roparun Children’s Day

Roparun Children’s Day is an annual event in which kids from children’s hospitals are invited to have an enjoyable day together with their parents, brothers and sisters. Children’s Day takes place on a boat that sails through the Port of Rotterdam during World Port Days. The children are made up and play enjoyable games. Naturally the Roparun Bird is there for taking a fun photo. Not being ill, but just being a child, for a while; that’s what it’s about during Roparun Children’s Day! You can see photos of the children’s day on our photo website.

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