Why is it necessary to know the average speed?

A team indicates its average running speed in advance. The team is classified according to the speed specified. In order to be able to pass a checkpoint, a city/residential area and the finish-line within a ‘Time Window’ determined in advance by the organisation, an individual starting time is determined based on the given average running speed of each team. The result of this is that the start will occur in phases in Paris and Hamburg.

Supplying the correct average speed is essential!

A small deviation can have major consequences over the longer distance. If the provided average speed deviates too much from the actual speed run by the team, there’s a chance that the team will arrive in Rotterdam either too soon or too late. The emphatic advice to all teams is to train a number of times over long distance, and to determine the average speed on this basis. It will be announced when the average speed must be notified, but it’s likely that this will be about 4 to 8 weeks before the Roparun. The team will be assigned its starting time on the basis of this provided average speed.

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