What rules regarding lighting are there during the Roparun?

Remember that light clothing is more visible than dark clothing. Consider reflective jackets (mandatory for everyone on the route), night-time armbands, also for the accompanying people, warning triangles, lanterns with sufficient batteries, map-reading lights/holder for bicycles, good and working lighting on the bicycle and on other vehicles. Every vehicle MUST have a first-aid kit. The exact rules regarding lighting and the like can be found in the Roparun regulations.

During the Roparun, it is mandatory for runners and cyclists to wear a reflective and luminous vest on the route. These must be worn between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. There are many types of safety vests available but it is mandatory for runners and cyclists to use an LED vest as shown in the picture. This vest contains at least 6 lights at the front and at least 6 at the back. This vest must have reflective material on both the front and the back. These jackets are available from Roparun team Beat it via roparunbeatit.nl/led-hesjes.

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