What does Roparun do with my registration fee and donations?

The cost for registration is € 3,130 per team. This amount must be paid to Ropament B.V. (100% subsidiary of the Roparun Foundation), which is responsible for the organisation of the event. This amount is used to organise the event for all participants, e.g. locations, sanitary facilities, traffic, permits, security, communication and more.

Every team is obliged to raise money for charity. This is also arranged by selling a minimum amount of € 2,500 in raffle tickets (1,000 items) per team. This amount will be transferred directly to the Roparun Foundation. The foundation ensures that the money is spent on charities that fall within Roparun’s mission. Alongside raffle-ticket sales, each team is free to organise campaigns and promotions, collections, events and such to raise the highest possible amount for the charity!

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