What are team meetings?

Three team meetings take place in preparation for the Roparun. The meetings play an important part in the preparation of the Roparun.

  1. Information is provided from the organisation, such as the rules of the race, the route (changes) and the charities that can be supported by Roparun.
  2. You have the opportunity to meet other participants and volunteers from the organisation.
  3. The Roparun office will use the team meetings to distribute items. This does not yet apply to the first meeting. At the second meeting it is possible to collect the raffle tickets. At the third meeting starting numbers, car stickers and all ordered items will be distributed, among other things. During these meetings there will be an office stand on the first floor, so make sure that during a meeting you always pass by the ‘office’.

The first meeting is set up with a number of workshops covering ‘basic knowledge’ for various aspects of the Roparun. So this meeting is offered mainly for the benefit of new teams; the meeting is not mandatory for existing ones. New teams are also given priority when registering for the workshops. Further information about the meeting will be provided to the team captain by e-mail.

The team captain is expected to be present (possibly together with one or more other team members), for at least the second and third team meetings. The team captain is obliged to share the information received with his/her team members. If the team captain cannot be present, one or more team members are delegated to attend the meeting.

During the meetings there is also a sales stand where a whole range of Roparun articles can be purchased. It’s also possible for a team to reserve a sales table to sell items for their own team revenue. Please note: there is a limited number of tables. You can register by sending an e-mail to info@roparun.nl stating what your team wants to sell, of course with team number and name, and the telephone number of a contact person for that day. Selling food and drinks for direct consumption is not allowed from the sales tables.

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