What are arrivals or arrival festivities?

In many municipalities there are so-called ‘arrival committees’ that want to add to the enjoyment of the Roparun. These arrival committees should report their arrival activities to the organisation via www.roparun.nl/doorkomsten. At the end of the Roparun, each team will have the opportunity to award points to registered arrival festivities. A professional jury will also award points to the arrival festivities. The festivity with the most points is granted the title ‘Roparunnerstad’ (Roparunner town/city) and receives an attractive amount of money from the foundation to spend on a Roparun goal in their municipality.

Roparun has announced that the upcoming edition will take place in the Netherlands. Roparun NL will have one startlocation in Landgraaf. From there the teams will take one of two routes, a North and South variation, to the communal finish in Rotterdam. Naturally all the safety precautions are being taken, to ensure a safe return.

It’s possible because of this one-off edition that some of the events rules and regulations will be altered. Teams will be informed through newsletters and meetings.

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