What am I obliged to order?

Orders are not mandatory, but can certainly be useful. We will explain why briefly for each item. All orders can be placed via the team portal.

  • Shirts
    These are sports shirts that can only be ordered by participants in the Roparun. You will want to have these for the next Roparun! In 2019 we have a new brand; you can find the size chart at roparun.nl/shirt.
  • Medals
    At the finish line you would certainly like to receive a medal for the great performance you’ve put in over the past few hours and days! Of course it’s also a wonderful memory to have.
  • Pasta meals
    You’ll be at the starting location in time to relax and experience the atmosphere. How do you feel about a nice hot meal ahead of the event? That’s convenient for the person in charge of catering and it’s also very convivial. Will the whole team be eating, or just the subteam at the start? Of course you can also have your pan or bowl filled and save it for later.
  • Overnight stay
    Don’t want to worry about the trip there and arriving on time at the start location? Then come on Friday evening! You can camp at the starting location, and optionally you can also use the barbecue facilities on the Friday evening. That’s a relaxed start to your Roparun weekend. There are a limited number of places available for this.
  • Closing Celebration
    Three weeks after the Roparun, the famous Closing Celebration is held. The total amount raised will be announced during this festive evening.

Roparun has announced that the upcoming edition will take place in the Netherlands. Roparun NL will have one startlocation in Landgraaf. From there the teams will take one of two routes, a North and South variation, to the communal finish in Rotterdam. Naturally all the safety precautions are being taken, to ensure a safe return.

It’s possible because of this one-off edition that some of the events rules and regulations will be altered. Teams will be informed through newsletters and meetings.

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