Until when can I collect donations for my team?

We want to announce the proceeds during the closing night of the Roparun. So we ask each team to make sure that the donations are in the Foundation’s account before that date. If you transfer your donation to us before the closing night, it also has the advantage that the team has a chance to win a prize in the ranking for the highest yield. So it’s advisable, even if you have not yet received the full amount, to transfer the available amount anyway.

Donations received after the closing night will be updated until 31 July in the list of Team Proceeds Roparun 2019, but will not count towards the winner of the ranking for the highest proceeds.

The financial year of the Roparun Foundation closes on 31 July and donations made after this date will be added to the proceeds of the Roparun 2020.

Roparun has announced that the upcoming edition will take place in the Netherlands. Roparun NL will have one startlocation in Landgraaf. From there the teams will take one of two routes, a North and South variation, to the communal finish in Rotterdam. Naturally all the safety precautions are being taken, to ensure a safe return.

It’s possible because of this one-off edition that some of the events rules and regulations will be altered. Teams will be informed through newsletters and meetings.

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