How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee for Roparun 2020 is 3,130 euros.
The following is included in the registration fee:

  1. 12 sets of participant numbers for runners and cyclists
  2. Car stickers with the team number
  3. Volunteer supervision at checkpoints and on motorcycles along the route
  4. Environmental sites and sanitary facilities at the starting locations and along the route
  5. If necessary (medical) support along the route from the emergency team in accordance with the Roparun regulations
  6. If necessary (technical) support in the event of a serious breakdown/accident
  7. A central emergency number for emergencies (permanent staffing by the General Coordination Team in the Netherlands during the Roparun)

A participating team must take into account additional costs for, among other things: road maps or navigation systems, first-aid boxes (mandatory in every vehicle), food and drink, vehicle costs such as bus or motorhome hire, fuel costs, insurance, costs of accompanying persons, bicycles and lighted jackets for runners and cyclists. A number of items can be ordered through the organisation, see here for more information.

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