How many vehicles can I use as a team?

During the Roparun, vehicles are divided into different categories. The vehicle categories are:

  1. Motorcycle without sidecar / Driving licence A
    Please note: motorcycles may not be used to support the team, only for taking photo/film/video recordings.
  2. Passenger van, car, camper/motorhome / Driving licence B
  3. Coach, truck, combination etc. (without trailer) / Driving licence C and/or D. Category C also includes a category B vehicle with trailer / Driving licence B (E)

A maximum of four motorised vehicles may be used in total for support, if all 4 of them belong to category B.

In the case of a combination from category B and C, a maximum of 3 vehicles may be used in total, where only the combination below is permitted:

1 vehicle Category C and 2 vehicles Category B.

For both combinations, a maximum of 1 vehicle category A may be added (photo/video only).

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