How does buying raffle tickets work?

Each team has the obligation to take 1,000 tickets for the Roparun raffle. These raffle tickets cost 2.50 euros each, and can be sold on to family, friends, colleagues, etc. The total amount of 2,500 euros that the team gets with this is added to the team’s donation, and thus counts towards the ranking for the highest yield per team.

A team may also take more than the mandatory 1,000 tickets to raise its yield. The raffle tickets must be paid to the Roparun Foundation, account number NL36ABNA0466278330 in Schiedam, stating the team number and ‘raffle tickets’.

Only when the payment has been received by us can the tickets be collected at the Roparun office in Schiedam or during the next team meeting. It is also possible to pay by debit card at the Roparun office.

The raffle tickets do not have to be bought in one purchase. Purchase in parts is allowed, with a minimum purchase of 100 tickets (5 booklets) or a multiple thereof. All 1,000 mandatory tickets must be paid by 1 April 2019 at the latest. A team that does not meet this requirement will be excluded from participation in the Roparun.

The raffle draw will take place on 26 may 2021, and the winners will be announced on 5 June 2021. In accordance with the licence, the tickets may be sold from 6 months before the draw.

Please note! Teams are required to keep the ticket counterfoils, each filled in with name and address, so that any grand prize winners can be traced. The counterfoils are NOT a substitute for the raffle ticket. The prizes are only available upon presentation of the original ticket, and can be collected at the Roparun office in Schiedam.

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