How do I get a team number?

Registrations will open on 1 August. Existing teams will be given the deadline of 1 September by the organisation, for them to indicate whether they will take part again next year. Existing teams that have raised more than 7,500 euros are entitled to team number retention if they register before 1 October. After this date it will be known which team numbers are available for new teams, and the organisation can distribute them.

If you register on time as an existing team (below 7,500 euros achieved before 1 September and above 7,500 euros achieved before 1 October), you are assured of keeping your current team number. After 1 September and after 1 October, the released numbers will be assigned to the new teams that have registered. This will be done in order of registration. The teams will be notified and the team number will be visible on the website.

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