How do I arrange sponsorship?

The simple fact is that organising a Roparun would be impossible without sponsorship. That’s why both the organisation and the teams seek financial and material support from the business community.

Search in your team members’ networks for suitable sponsors; these might be (former) employers, family members or neighbours. For example, you can have materials sponsored, or ask for money to hire or buy materials yourself.

It’s important as a team that you are always clear about what you get sponsored and under what conditions. When recruiting sponsors the team must mention explicitly when it is team sponsorship which is being sought (the proceeds of which, for example, go to team transport), so it is therefore not for the Roparun Foundation in the form of a donation for charity. A team is free to match its performance to its team sponsors.

To make the distinction clear, the organisation has its own sponsors while teams also have their own sponsors. The contributions of the organisation sponsors benefit the entire organisation, and the organisation provides a counterpart to these organisation sponsors. The contributions of the team sponsors benefit the team and the counterpart is therefore also provided by the team.

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