How can I collect donations for my team?

  1. Manual transfers
    Donations for the 2019 Roparun can be transferred to the account of the Roparun Foundation with IBAN number NL36ABNA0466278330, stating the team number and name. If a donation lacks a team number and name, the donation will be booked as a donation from a third party and not to the team in question.
  2. Donation module
    The donation module on the website has various payment options such as iDEAL, credit card, PayPal and the Belgian Bancontact. In the donation module you can indicate for which team and possibly which team member the donation is intended. The payment is immediately processed digitally and is visible on the website. The donation module can be accessed via
  3. Collecting
    Roparun does not stage a national collection week, but offers the possibility to collect when it suits your team. As a team, you must apply for a permit to the relevant municipality, shopping centre or other location where you want to organise the collection.Collection boxes can be borrowed from the Roparun Foundation. You can reserve these by sending a message to When the collection boxes are returned, the seal on the boxes is broken and the proceeds are counted immediately. This amount will then be visible on your team page on the website.
  4. Auction
    You can also donate in kind! Instead of support in a sum of money, ask for antiques, an item of jewellery or a bicycle for instance. It is also possible to donate a service, e.g. a workshop, a treatment or a visit to a special location.Through the special website you can offer a product or service as a donation for the Roparun foundation. When you register your donation, please state to which team the proceeds of the item may be credited.

    Two auction weeks are planned for 2019. The first week is from 10 to 17 February 2019. The second week is planned from 19 to 26 May 2019. Make sure that your items are registered on time.

  5. Raffle tickets
    Each team is obliged to sell raffle tickets for a minimum amount of 2,500 euros. This is a fairly simple way to increase your team revenue. It is allowed to buy more than the required number of tickets. More information about raffle tickets can be found here.

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