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2017 Roparun Children’s Day

04-09-2017 om 11:34 uur

Sunday 3 September was the annual Roparun Children’s Day! Various young patients came from the Sophia Children’s Hospital and the Prinses Máxima Paediatric Oncology Centre along with their brothers, sisters and parents, to enjoy a day out on a boat.

A day when they don’t have to sit in the hospital or think about their next treatment, but only have to enjoy dancing, eating, playing and deciding what make-up they would like.

There were also the World Port Days in Rotterdam this weekend, so besides all the games and entertainment on the boat, there were also all sorts of things for the children and their families to see on the water.

At the end of the day it was wonderful to see how the children got off the boat laughing (and sometimes also yawning; it was a long day) with the toys and prizes they won in the various games.

The photos from Children’s Day can be seen on our photo site.


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