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Roparun bungalows

03-08-2017 om 10:36 uur

Roparun Foundation has 14 holiday bungalows available where cancer patients and their family members can enjoy a week at no cost.
Good use is made of them, and it’s wonderful to hear the stories from families who have been there.

From time to time we get very nice letters, e-mails or messages from people who have been away for a week. These messages always remind us why we do it!
Like the following one from the Soulier family:

Dear Roparunners,

We would like to thank you enormously for the wonderful holiday week in Zeeland at the Banjaard! Without you we would have had no holiday and so would not have been able to relax delightfully for a week, get fresh air, forget about everything, with sand between our toes and sun on our faces, take bicycle rides through beautiful Zeeland, but most of all ENJOY!!!

In fact the word thanks doesn’t cover the situation, but anyway: Thank you! On behalf of myself and my family. It was wonderful and highly welcome!

With kind regards and love for the foundation, Edith Soulier, Warnsveld



And we received this beautiful letter from the Van Kempen family:

Dear people from the Roparun Foundation and Brabant Ambulance Wish,

We were able to go to Kortgene as a family only thanks to you; without Brabant Ambulance Wish and Roparun it would not have been possible, we are very grateful to you for this!

The fact that we have to ask for help to be able to do things in life is not easy for us; it is really very hard for us, we have always been givers (and still try to be, but that no longer goes the way it did) and unfortunately have ended up in a situation in which we have to ask third parties for help to be able to do something.

We had been given the stay by the Roparun Foundation; it was first-rate, there was everything in the cottage, like a second home.
Everything was provided, from a microwave to a washer and dryer, a nice big proper place to stay, even with two bathrooms.

The children were able to enjoy the indoor and outdoor swimming pool and many playgrounds, while my wife and I were able to sit on the terrace several times.

The weather was also good to us (we only had one day of somewhat poor weather).

We want to thank you all sincerely for your selfless dedication, due to which we have been able to have a good time, which we have been able to experience thanks to you.

Annemarie and I as well as the children were able to enjoy ourselves, despite the present circumstances.

There is nothing to criticise about your organisation, everything was neat and well taken care of; contact by telephone as well as by e-mail, etc. was good.

We want to thank Roparun and Brabant Ambulance Wish again for the unforgettable time we had, because without you our wish would never have come true.

This memory will always stay with us; the children especially have good memories of it, despite the situation.

Kind regards,

Van Kempen Family


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